Monday, October 27, 2008

New 'Do Reveal

OK. I've started getting emails wanting to know which style I chose, so I guess I'd better fess up. I was hoping for a really good shot to show it off, but #1, I'm the subject so, no-go. #2, my camera batteries are dead. We'll just all have to settle for these! Please overlook the pasty whiteness that it is my face and the witch-nose I have in my profile :-)

Here goes!!

Short. Courtney Cox wins!

I think I did, too. My new stylist, Cara, is precious and I totally want to hook her up with my brother. (Seriously. Any ideas how? He can't go in for a trim because he SHAVES HIS HEAD.)

Anyway, apparently this is a cut that you either love or you hate. I say that because today at work I either heard, "That looks so good on you!" or my new 'do went completely unnoticed. Go figure...


  1. Even though I voted for the longer style, I still think this one looks great on you! Love it!

  2. Cara?? Is she 39 and looks like she's in her 20's? With a great personality? If so... I LOVE that chick! The reason I think it might be her is because I also wanted to hook her up with my brother. She's just the kind of person you want to hook up with someone. That and she cuts some amazing hairstyles!

    Anywho... let me know if it is her!

    I love your new 'do-- it looks great!

  3. Beth - the new 'do' is fabulous! Looks great on you. Don't put the pictures down - they look wonderful and so do you!!!!

    Have a great day,

  4. I think you made the right choice - it looks great.

  5. Beth, you are so beautiful! Love the do!


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