Friday, August 17, 2007

Just not enough time...

I hate to say this, but my blog may just have to slow down, as if that's possible. I have to say that I suddenly have so much going on, that I'm not sure where to start.

This blog was supposed to be sort of a writing ministry. I hoped that what I wrote about my Christian walk would bless someone. Would plant a seed for someone. Would make a difference for God's kingdom. And now, I struggle to find time to keep it up.

You all know about my knitting. That is still happening at lunch breaks, nighttime while the TV is on,and in the car while waiting. I plan to finish my two charity projects. I hope they are on time!

This photo:

is my two oldest sons this morning. The oldest went to high school freshmen orientation, and the youngest started kindergarten. We've been busy preparing, with summer reading list book searches, school supply shopping trips, and meet-your-teacher days.

I offered my writing skills to our pastor when he mentioned a church newsletter. Monday, I became the general editor of that. I now get to design, plan, recruit for and contribute to that. On a tiny budget to boot.

My husband and I are refocusing our attention on our marriage, our family and our faith. I can see such a difference just this week already.

I am working this weekend.

Oh, yeah. Then there's that book that a certain publisher wants when I finish it.

I have been given a blog award that I posted, but haven't responded to. Nice.

I have my knit giveaway prizes to mail, but can't find suitable boxes to mail them in.

Do you see how I'm beginning to feel overwhelmed? Guilt is beginning to set in over what I haven't done. Fear is growing over what I might screw up. Then there's that thought that perhaps I need to scale back a bit.

So forgive me if my blog gets quiet. I'm just going to get quiet before the Lord and prioritize...

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  1. I have been in your shoes before so I know what you are going through. In fact, a move to MT was what finally slowed me down (not that I'm suggesting you move or anything). I will pray for you as you sort through everything. I will pray that everything falls into place and that you have a sense of peace about what needs to be finished and what you have taken on.


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