Thursday, April 10, 2008

You Gotta Hear This!

(Sorry, I can't get the graphic any bigger)
I had to work this past weekend, so I missed the concert of our worship leader, Josh Fowler. My sweet busband had to call me at work as soon as he left the church. Know why? To rub in that I missed an awesome concert and he didn't! Isn't he thoughtful? :-)

As it turns out, he was totally right. He bought a copy of Josh's CD, "Broken," which I promptly swiped as soon as I could. So you'll know, Josh is not only singing, but he wrote these songs (and is probably on keyboards, too, but I'm not 100% sure on that part). They sound as good as anything on the radio, Seriously.

If I knew how to play music on here, I'd let you listen. But, I don't know how, so just go here to Josh's MySpace page and listen for yourself. And then, um, hello! BUY THE SONGS!!!

And FYI, Jeff and I are getting' out of dodge to Kentucky this weekend. YAY! So the blog will probably be quiet for a few days. Like that's a change :-)


  1. Enjoy your weekend away!

    I'll pop over tomorrow or sometime this weekend to listen to Josh sing.

  2. I don't know Josh, and I had forgotten that you are from Haywood County, but I'm really enjoying his music. Thanks for sharing this!

    Have a great trip to Kentucky!


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