Wednesday, January 21, 2009

When I'm Five...

A recent conversation between me and my four-year-old while playing Yahtzee Jr:

Wow, Eli! You are so smart! How did you know that?

Because I can count.

Oh? How high can you count?

Um, sixty.

Can you count for me now?

No. I can count for you when I'm five.

When you're five?

Yes. Then I can count to 209 when I'm five.


  1. Very cute. Unbelievable about the grocery store. I hear you about the budgets - we're really working on ours too. It's been hard because staying on budget has meant saying no to things that seem essential. I haven't had a hair cut in months. On the other hand, I haven't had a hair cut because I've chosen to spend the money on other things that I wanted more. But it's the only way for us to get back on track financially. good luck with yours. It's nice of you to share.

  2. i love it! I miss Eli and his adorable hair!


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