Monday, October 1, 2012

31 Days of Reflection

This is a last minute decision here, and, like the title of my blog, it is subject to change. So last minute, in fact, that I have no buttons, or linkies to The Nester's 31 Dayers, or anything fun like that. I hope to get to that in a day or two. But...

I really haven't put on paper (or electronic screen, as it were) my thoughts from the mission trip I took to Kenya this past May. I have wrestled with emotions quite a bit since then, and really haven't made much headway. Perhaps just getting some of it down will help with the processing, and hopefully will be useful to someone out there in Blogland who might read it.

I am totally flying by the seat of my pants here.

So, my theme for October is going to be "31 Days of Reflection."  Here goes...

I didn't take any photos until we actually got to Kenya. Nothing at the airports or on the planes. I'd planned on taking them by the hundreds. I usually had to sit with a stranger, and never got a window seat. I actually had one once, and then gave it up. Not sure why I did that!

I had never traveled out of the States before, or gone on a mission trip, and I was "alone"--none of my family or friends were with me. To say I was nervous is a HUGE understatement!

The anxiousness about everything had subsided a bit by the time we finally reached Nairobi after 20+ hours of travel, but hit me full force when we landed. The heat of  Kenyatta smacked you like a wave as soon as you set foot inside the airport. It was busy, and noisy--even at that late hour. I was surprised, and even a bit unsettled.

I had never felt like a minority in my life until that moment...

Reflection for today: Every journey has a first step.

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