Saturday, March 8, 2014

A #RiskRejection Update

Wow, has it really been over a month since #RiskRejection "officially" ended? I guess so, but we're going to keep going with monthly updates because, well, we missed it. :-) So here's what's new for me:

Finally, on February 20th, after weeks of painfully slow communications, the shop owner I pitched placed an order. For 36 arrangements, that will be shared between two different gift shops! My house is now covered in paper scraps, floral wire and glue. And I'm not sure where my dining room table is any more!

I was going to write an announcement post, and start blogging over at the business blog I plan on running. I turned 40 the day after I got the order, so it was supposed to be a whole kick-off thing. But, we'll just say that all this suddenly felt a bit overwhelming (more on that later) and the blog and/or announcements haven't happened yet. So you readers here are the first to know.

I still need to get my logo loaded everywhere, write my shop intro for the gift shop display, publish that first blog post, and set up my Etsy shop, so hopefully I can get some online sales too once my stuff hits the real-world shop. I have LOTS to do to get ready. Fun and frightening all at once! And did I mention that I need to finish it all by Tuesday?

So, this does feel like quite an anti-climactic post, actually, but, now it's out there. I'll share links to the new sites once they're ready and maybe you fellow risk-takers can help me spread the word. :-)

And not related at all, but a bucket-list thing for me: I finally ran my first 5K on March 1st, and finished in 35:17. Not bad for an inadequately trained 40 year old, in my opinion. It was fun--I hope to do it again!

So, what have all my #RiskRejection friends been doing since our last update???


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