Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Open Doors

If you know anything about me, you've probably figured out that I like knitting. Almost obsessed with it, actually :-)

If I could knit for a living, I totally would. So I've discovered "test knitting." That's where a designer has a new, often secret, pattern that they need someone to try out before it's published. Perfect for me since I get bored with the same projects over and over, and I don't have to keep them when I'm done.

I was working on 2 at a time, and was a bit frazzled trying to finish them both. I was anxious to finish the dress, but had made a mistake in my haste on the second one and wanted to fix that.

So I did, and got down to the finishing touches on the dress. I was being careful now, paying close attention to each stitch. While I was so diligently working, I heard this ever-so-quiet voice say, "You don't work this hard on My assignments for you."

Unmistakeably, God had just called me out.

Instantly ashamed, I knew that He was right. He gave me a book to write a few years ago. I started it. Even pitched it to two editors, who were interested enough to ask to see it when it was finished. I shouldn't have to point out that their response alone is HUGE. Each time, I knew that God opened those doors for me. And what did I do? Did I go through those doors?


Once in awhile I write a little more. Then I convince myself that it's just too hard. That I've wasted too much time, and God can't possibly use me now.

To top it off, last week He gave me a new idea. And the thoughts are flowing like the Mississippi! But once again, I find myself afraid to do what He's asked. And so I spend my time doing other things that, while they may be for charity or to help someone out, just aren't as good as God's plan for me.

Please pray that I have the courage to step through those doors. I don't want to get to Heaven and try to explain why knitting a baby sundress was more important than answering God's call. Pray that I have the quiet time I need to concentrate. Pray that God's words flow abundantly onto my keyboard. Please pray that I will be a good steward of the resources He has given me, and most of all that He will be glorified when I finally finish the task He gave me!

And I'll pray that you don't get distracted by the good and miss out on God's best for you, either.

I'm going to go through the door. I want to see what's on the other side!

Care to join me?


  1. You should get back to writing... you put your thoughts out there so well. Great post. Great thoughts. Thanks!

  2. I will join in the prayer that you finish the task that God has entrusted in you. We need not fear to do what he asks.

  3. Knitting isn't so bad for you. It quieted you enough to hear God's still small voice telling you to get back to work on your writing. :)

    How do you find out about test knitting (like I need something to distract me!)

  4. I can identify with getting totally into something and then having God remind us - hey, what about the task I set before you? I do love your writing style, it draws the reader in, it flows and doesn't ramble - it hits the mark. Yes I pray that God helps you complete the task, get into the task and have joy and passion in the task too.

  5. I'm rooting for you. And I have faith that you will make it through the door. Good luck!

  6. I have just come over from Karen´s Ramblings (she is my cousin by the way) and I was instantly at home here! I love your writing style, your honesty and openess... I would buy your book in a minute....Please do walk through the door. I know that it´s hard when you think you may have wasted too much time, but remember the process is also as good as the finished product and what you are learning and becoming thourgh the writing will for sure flow into the book or books and that is just as valueable!
    Can´t wait to read some more of your posts. You are welcome anytime to drop by my blog!


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