Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Road Trip!

Yes, I know I haven't been here lately. I had to work this weekend, and have been getting adjusted to having a new pet around. That would be Fuzzy the hamster. More on him later.

And today, I'm waiting for my dear husband to finish packing so we can leave. We're driving to Orlando for a big builder's show. Many, many hours in the van. Without the kids, at least.

I have no idea what the computer/internet situation will be in our hotel, so it may be quiet here a bit longer. Regardless, I ask for your prayers today for a good, safe trip, that my kids behave for their "gramma," and that we come away from from this conference with some really good, useful information.

And maybe a tan. :-)


  1. Have a safe trip! When you get back, I've tagged you over at my blog!

  2. I have relatives who live in the Orlando area. Wave to them for me, OK? :)


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