Monday, July 7, 2008

July 4th Weekend, By the Numbers

3: guests from Tennessee
3: desserts this weekend
3: number photographed

1: fistfight between cousin and kid on playground
1: hamburger given to other kid's dad as a "peace offering"
58 (rough estimate): ducks fed

19: consecutive games of pool by Uncle Kurt and Jeff

234 (rough estimate): fireworks shot off in the driveway
1: teenager home from M-Fuge
2: bags of buns required to cover grill with foil during a downpour

1: great picture of Uncle Kurt and Eli

1: great picture of Kurt and Paula

1: awesome church service
143: approximate rows of knitting completed this weekend
1: good photo of my family

0: days I got to sleep late :-(
1: parting shot of the crew, except little Michael from Tennessee (as opposed to big Michael from here :-))

So what did y'all do???


  1. Beth,
    Don't you love company and holidays and having greta memories to "recap". Your photos are fun and I can tell by looking into them, your weather was cooler than mine!!
    Bless you,
    Pat Layton

  2. Looks like you had fun! That is a great family picture. What a good looking bunch!

  3. Love all those pics! Looks like fun. I went to bed becuase my baby went to bed! Missed all the fireworks. Oh well, I'll catch them next year! :)


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