Sunday, July 20, 2008

What I Did on Summer Vacation: Part One

What a week! I'm going to break it down into multiple posts because it would be ridiculously long otherwise and my brain is yet to come out of vacation mode. I need a day or two to come up with anything of substance :-)

We are usually busy beavers on vacation because my husband is, to quote my mom, "like a worm in hot ashes." He simply can't be still! Drives him crazy. So the rest of us are along for the ride!

We started out with a few days in the sun and the sand. We heard on the news the first night that there had been a shark attack (yep - complete with a bitten dude) the day before, on our beach. So I was a little nervous with all the guys out there (and me, occasionally) but we didn't see any vicious sea creatures. Not outside the SC Aquarium, anyway!

Eventually the boogie boards, buckets and shovels came out. Not many sand castles were made, but BOY! There was some serious wave riding going on! Michael was body surfing, Aaron was glued to his boogie board, and Eli pretended to be any assortment of Superheroes (no, not JUST Spiderman!) and battled the waves as they crashed into him.

The sun was on "high," and even the sunscreen was no match. I was pink after a few hours, and my poor Eli was too. But only in the places I missed with sunscreen! Apparently I forgot to do some of his shoulders, and he wound up with a funny shaped tanline! Bad, bad mommy :-Z Everyone else was spared, though.

Up next: baseball misadventures

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