Saturday, June 30, 2007

I smell like nectar!

My nieces are staying with us this week. That makes either 4 or 5 kids here, depending on who's home. Today we knew that we had to get them all out and about or they'd kill each other. The 2 year old girl and my 3 year old boy do NOT get along most of the time. So, we went to the nature center, where we ran into the children's ministry from our church! We saw the black bears, snakes, wolves, foxes, river otter and deer.

We also tried out the new butterfly habitat, which just opened today, and I wish we had more time. It was like a mesh greenhouse, and all kinds of butterflies were flying silently everywhere, among the garden plants surrounding us.. The junior naturalists would offer to spray your hand with sugar water to entice the butterflies to land on you. Well, I must smell like nectar because they landed on me without any help or bribery and then they wouldn't leave! It was really cool. It was about melt-down time for the itty-bitties, so we couldn't stay long. Maybe I'll go back when I can enjoy it...

Well, it's about time to put the kids to bed, and then the first silence of the day will finally be here! Yay!

Good night! Here's to silence...

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