Friday, December 14, 2012

Greater Blog Hop--Week 3: Remembering Daddy

This is a slightly modified repost from a few years ago. My little daddy passed on yesterday, going on to the heavenly mansion that's waiting for him. I think all the shooting stars I saw last night were fireworks from daddy's heavenly homecoming!

This doesn't fit one of the selected topics for this week's Greater Blog Hop, but as I posted last week, my daddy left one heck of a legacy. The kind of legacy that challenges me to be greater. Daddy let the Lord work through him every day--there was no question that people could see Jesus in him.

I can only hope that when my time on earth is over, people can say the same about me. If I can do half the good my daddy did, I will have lived a full life--a greater life.

Join me today as I honor my daddy.

Those of you who know me may be a bit confused by the title of this post, because my dad is still here.

Well, mostly.

Part of the reason for the huge funk I have been in recently is that dad was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease a few months ago.  It is very hard news for a daddy's girl to take.

I find that often, I grieve his loss already, even though he is still here.  I grieve the fact that I never know from day to day if I can have a decent conversation with him.  I grieve the things he's always done - the things that make Daddy who he is - that he can't do anymore.

But today, I choose to remember daddy like I've always known him, before the disease starting chipping away at him.

I remember the daddy who called me "Doodle" and "Pistol" when I was a little girl, and the way he introduced me to other people as "The Boss."

I remember the daddy who replaced one recliner after another because I squeezed in beside him in them so often that I worked the arms loose.

I remember the daddy who walked to Ingle's every night for a cup of coffee, and let me get a creme horn from the bakery.

I remember the daddy who took me to McDonald's for an ice cream cone, and waited while I played on the playground.

I remember the daddy who worked rotating shifts at the mill, and I never heard him complain.

I remember the daddy who always made fried potatoes and fireplace cornbread when he had to cook dinner.

I remember the daddy that couldn't stand to see anyone cry.

I remember that daddy that bought whatever food and toys he could find at the only store open on Christmas morning (gas station), and took it to a destitute single mother before he came home and celebrated Christmas with his own family.

I remember the daddy that stopped smoking when I asked him to.

I remember the daddy that started fires with gasoline.

I remember the daddy who always had his shaving brush and a bottle of Old Spice on top of his medicine cabinet.

I remember the daddy that got me my first car from a junkyard :-)

I remember the way my daddy whistled when he was coming in from the garage for dinner.

I remember the daddy who constantly cut wood and gave it away (with delivery!) for free to anyone who needed it.

I remember the daddy who helped liberate my Barbie's from their plastic ties when ever I got a new one, which was often because I was spoiled rotten.  (just ask my sister)

I remember the daddy who doesn't like to pray out loud, but occasionally will and, when he does, it is the same every time.

I remember the daddy who scared my boyfriends.

I remember the daddy that many of my girlfriends wished was their dad.

I remember the daddy who told me that Randy Travis singing sounded like pig squealing.

I remember the daddy that adores his grandchildren.

I remember the daddy that means "Do you need money?" when he asks, "Do you need anything?"

I remember the daddy that made us listen to a Marty Robbins eight-track nonstop while we drove around the country for three weeks on vacation.

I have been blessed with an amazing earthly father, and I am thankful that my Heavenly Father put him in my life.  I could go on for days with the wonderful memories I have of him.  I've shared a few here, but the rest of my memories I'll tuck quietly in my heart to remember on the days I miss him most.


  1. What a beautiful tribute to you daddy! Bless your heart - so sorry you are going thru this. Hang in there sweetie. Thanks for sharing. Debbie W. (OBS Leader)

  2. Beth, Your daddy sounds like one greater guy, and it's easy to see how powerful his influence was on the woman you became. Thank you for sharing him with us. Praying for blessings on your heart! Karen, OBS Leader


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