Thursday, January 30, 2014

#RiskRejection--the last "official" one

How is it that January is essentially over and technically then, so is #RiskRejection? I feel like we're just getting started!!  Well, I dare say many of us that joined Amy on this journey will keep right on taking risks, and now that we've formed a little sisterhood, I hope we will keep sharing and encouraging one another.

Like for example, I could use some this week....

If you will remember, last week I took a huge risk by telling the shop manager I had pitched that I was going to have to redo my prices. I actually jumped off the cliff and did that part. Then I calculated and fretted and added and subtracted and searched and shopped and tallied, and made up a new price list. And Sunday night, I sent it.

And have heard nothing since.

To be fair, she always take at least a day to respond, and this week, we have had snow and schools have been closed most of the week. So it is possible that she couldn't get to work because of the weather. Or maybe she has kids and had to stay home with them. I honestly have no idea. I'm making those excuses to try and keep hope alive, and not accept that she has just blown me off.

But if she has, she has. That will suck, but it will be OK. Her shop isn't the only one around, and I can try other options, like an online shop or even another "real" one. So, the business idea isn't dead, but my plans for that shop might be. Who knows--God may have different plans for all of it!

So, my next risk will be to send her another email or give her a phone call just to make sure she got the message, and leave it at that. It's out of my hands then. And then, it will be time to make some flowers and find somewhere to sell them!

Even though #RiskRejection is technically over, I will probably still post about it over here, until I get a business blog up and running. I've kinda missed blogging--this challenge has been a nice way to ease back into it.

So, keep dropping by, see if anything new has developed, and let me know what kind of risks you're taking these days!

Oh, if you're here, do me a favor and say a prayer for our missions team from my church, being ultimate risk-takers? We have a group of 20 on their way to Kenya right now, and they have had truckloads of problems due to the snow. They have not even left the country yet last I heard, already putting them an entire day behind. I was one of them in 2012, sitting in the Atlanta airport waiting for my first overseas flight, and my first (and so far only) mission trip ever. Help me pray them over there safely...and then go #RiskRejection yourself!!

(Makes me reminisce about my trip--a few highlight photos from memory lane...)

Our crew

Survivor shot--see the wildebeests behind me?

The sewing ministry girls I went for--young girls, rescued from prostitution with their teacher Zipporah

The roads suck in rainy season!

Susan and Jane

Arriving at the orphanage

Inside a dorm at the orphanage

We camped in a Maasai village for 3 days, home to these lovely ladies and their families...

Precious Maasai women

Peeling a few potatoes--like my machete?

Gorgeous cheetah

Papa lion--one of several

Right in the middle of the herd

Views like this left me speechless

These fellas were everywhere.


Mama lionesses

Who knew--Maasai men like Twizzlers!

Watching the Jesus Film on an iPhone in the native Swahili language--how awesome is that?!

The airport where we waited for our ride to Nairobi (for real!)
Our plane from Maasai Mara back to Nairobi--the 2 people in front were already passengers

And the runway. Seriously. At least the sheep had moved out of the way...

Man, all this reminiscing makes me wanna go back!!! Maybe I'm a risk taker after all :-)  Are you??


  1. Those photos are incredible. Thanks for sharing your experience with us.

    1. It was an incredible experience! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Beth, I'm glad you don't plan to stop blogging about taking risks. Amy's challenge has really started the ball rolling for a lot of us it looks like, and I happen to think that's a God-thing. I like your attitude about the price change and (lack of) communication.

    As for your trip down Memory Lane... What a wonderful experience you had! I've never been to Kenya, so I enjoyed seeing it through your eyes. I'm praying for your friends tonight as they travel and minister.

    1. Thank you so much, Susan. I believe this is a God-thing too, and I hope we continue to encourage one another through these risks!

  3. I agree--we've just started. Think of this shop as your trial run--you got the bugs worked out and are ready to move! Love the pics. I was going to go back on a mission trip this March, but complications on their side are putting it off until next year. Cannot wait to get back!

    1. Yes--working out the bugs--exactly! :-) Where did/would you go on missions??

  4. Wow, beautiful photos. Let us know how the business turns out and what happened with the manager!

  5. Beth - Kenya? That's awesome! I have only dreamed about going to Africa! Your pictures make me want to leap into these photos with you my friend!! They are beautiful! Headed to Dominican Republic on missions in about a week...but I am not gonna lie...I am a little sad and disappointed it's not Africa! So amazing sharing this #risk journey with you my friend!

    1. It has been a great journey, and I hope the risks will continue! Now that I've been to Africa, I want to go EVERYWHERE! You'll have to share what happens in Dominican Republic--be safe!!


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