Sunday, January 27, 2008

Impact Day - The First One!

Today, Pinnacle Church had it's first Impact Day. The church was invited to cover the community and spread a little kindness. We had 1,000 winter care bags prepared by our youth, which contained lotion, tissue, hot chocolate and popcorn. We had 4 groups spread out after the service, and we joined our "hometown" group in Candler. Here we are, except for the little kids and me (I'm taking the picture):

We decided to branch out over Candler, so we went with Jody and Diane, their son Tyler, and two of their girls, Gracie and Hayley. We decided to go to a local nursing home, since the grocery stores wouldn't allow us to hand out our bags on their premises.

Jeff and I had noticed a couple on the roadside as we drove in, so we decided to see them first. Funny how God puts people in your path, isn't it? Anyway, they have been homeless for about 2 weeks, as they couldn't pay their rent. I felt so inadequate as my husband handed them a bag and a few dollars. We wanted to do so much more! They blew off our talk of God, but were grateful anyway. And as they spoke, another vehicle pulled up and handed them two bags of food. Praise the Lord, someone else was led to help them, too!

So, we went to the nursing home. It's a little hard for us, because we are NOT extroverts. And I'm not a big fan of nursing homes since I had to visit my grandmother in one when I was a kid. But, out of the comfort zone we went!

We met very sick ladies who weren't having very good days, very energetic ladies who were a hoot, and even a modern grannie who was surfin' the net while watching her flat screen TV when we came in!

Tyler was snagged as soon as we got there. This sweet little lady wanted him to help her send an email,and he was too happy to help. See?

She was so happy, she was giving high fives and hugging everybody!

There was Becky in the pink room, who thought the gift (and the tissue box!) was beautiful, but didn't like it when the nursing home's cat wandered into her room because she has asthma. I hope she didn't have an attack after we left!

Then there was Mrs. Blankenship. She was in bed when we first saw her, but I spotted her speeding down the hall in her wheelchair once the gospel group showed up as the afternoon entertainment! She loved hugs, and insisted that Gracie and Hayley both get in her lap.

Those little girls (and the rest of us I guess!) made lots of little ladies very happy!

We still had bags left, so we hit two laundromats. A pair of women gushed out their prayer requests. Funny how the words "How can I pray for you?" can open people up.

The second laundromat was predominantly Hispanic, and very few of the people spoke English. But they gladly received our bags anyway. The final few bags were given out in the parking lot, and that was that. All fifty bags were gone.

It took about two and a half hours, but I think several people were touched in that time. And that's only what our little group did! I can't wait to hear about the IMPACT the other groups had!


  1. That is WONDERFUL!! It feels really good to give good energy to others doesn't it? I wish there was more "good energy" spreading going on around this world. Thanks for all you and your group did! I know you made a difference in the days and lives of some others!

  2. Oh I LOVE this...

    Luke and I were just lamenting our churches lack of zeal for routine outreach in our community. We are really praying for someone to head up the outreach ministry that will come up with things such as this to get our people excited about going in to the highways and hedges..

    Thanks for sharing with us! :)

  3. It's always good to get out of our comfort zones - and I'm always amazed with how blessed I feel when I do. Sounds like a great project - and those ladies at the nursing home were blessed more by your visit than by your gift.

  4. What a neat idea and wonderful way to reach out to the community. It is all about sharing His love. TM


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