Saturday, April 5, 2008

Have you seen my....

My kids seem to be more and more in the forefront of my mind and, therefore, my "planned" blog posts. Notice I said "planned." As in, I don't have enough time to actually write anything, but if I did, it would be about the boys.

Sometimes they make me want to pull my hair out. Or install permanent earplugs. But often they just make me laugh. Case in point:

My little Eli builds a "nest" with pillows and says he's a hamster. Remember that post? Well, maybe he's doing it from past history. Jeff is convinced that he was a squirrel in a past life. Here's the evidence: all these photos were taken on one day, and none of them were staged.

Bunny in my newly cleaned-out cabinet in the dining room

Green Goblin toy in my stationary drawer

Plastic lizard and Plankton in my fridge

Ninja turtle in my kitchen pantry (he wants the Oreos)

Spiderman 3 socks in my toiletry drawer in my bathroom

Spidey suspended from my dresser drawer handle

Living room end table drawer full of toys

Not pictured, but also observed ON THE SAME DAY:

Blanket under the bathroom sink
Spiderman toy in freezer
Batman motorcycle with my PJ's in the dresser

Last year he would wedge a Patrick Star (Spongebob's friend) toy between the window and the screen in the living room, and a tiny magnetic Spiderman could be found dangling from my lampshade.

I am not making this up! He knows where all of these items are, and he will get upset with you if you move them. I had so much fun photographing these. I knew he hid stuff, but not quite THAT much! I am considering the possibility that somwhow he really has hamster or squirrel genes.

Is it just me, or do your kids have odd habits too?


  1. Oh this is so like my little Nathan! One day I found three potatoes in my couch cushion, my hair dryer in Jeff's sock drawer, my keys were in the cabinet under the bathroom sink, etc. I, too, tried to just take it with stride and have a good laugh! :)

  2. That is absolutely hysterical. My daughter has random collections of treasured items (read: junk) in a vast collection of purses and other containers. But they aren't mixed in with my things.

    He will love this post when he gets older. It's one of those details of day-to-day life with kids that we sometimes forget as they grow out of the stage.

  3. Oh, I know you aren't making this up! I have two boys who are also leaving things in weird places. Usually if I find an action figure attached to a dresser, it is accompanied by string or rope which makes the figure look as if he is try to climb.

  4. Too funny! I'm so glad to see that my Benjamin isn't the only one exhibiting this strange behavior :) One day I couldn't figure out why the tissues kept tearing as I pulled them out of the box. Upon further inspection, I found a super hero stuffed in there! And yes...every other nook and cranny is being occupied by some strange figure or substance...all of great value to my 6 year old. I even tried getting him his own special tote that *no one* (including me) is allowed to look in or take things from. He doesnt' use it. The tissue box it is...

  5. THAT is the funniest thing I've read in weeks! I'm laughing out loud and CAN NOT WAIT to show my husband. We have 5 kids and have found crazy things in crazy places, but your photos top them all. I'm gonna laugh about this all day!
    Blessings to you girl!


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