Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Fearless: The Latest Book by Max Lucado

When I agreed to read this book for a review, I just thought, "I love Max Lucado. He's so good." But now that I have "Fearless," it's not because Max is good. It's because God is, and He uses Max to let us all know it.

The first chapter made me cry. The second chapter made me cry.

And I just thought I didn't need this book right now! My life is pretty good, so imagine my surprise when I wound up sobbing before my Lord after the first few chapters. This book ROCKS!

God has this way of using Max Lucado to just say it. I mean, lay it down and say, "There it is. Now what are you going to do about it?"

What is this "it"?" Whatever God needs you to hear, that's what!

Those first few pages began opening my eyes to a problem I hadn't even recognized - fear. Something has been amiss in my spirit lately and I just haven't been able to put a finger on it. But Max did.

I won't tell you all about this book. You just need to know that it is relevant to whatever place you find yourself right now. Really! Read it, and you'll see.

Just to show you how good it really is, the fine folks at Thomas Nelson even let you have a preview. Just check out the widget in my sidebar to get access to the first chapter or so.

So just read it - what are you afraid of?

Please check out these other sites that go along with the book:
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  1. Beetles are awesome-- that's what Josh has been driving for the past 2 months. He loves it, but it's not practical for what we need now. We drive too much and it's holding us back from things we want to do.

  2. I just purchased this book. Can't wait to read it. Thanks for this positive, encouraging review!



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