Wednesday, April 18, 2012

One month from now

It's mid-April.

It's mid-April.

That means that one month from now, I will be in Kenya.

I will be in Kenya!

It's kind of hard to believe. When the thought of signing on for a mission trip charged into my consciousness last fall, I was ready to go right then. But I couldn't--it wasn't time.

So I went to the informational meetings. I filled out the application and turned in a deposit. I started telling everyone I knew, "I'm going to Kenya!"

As each day drew closer to May--the date of the trip--it seemed a little more real.

I followed Facebook posts from another team, traveling the same ground I soon will tread. I sent out fundraiser requests. I got my shots, and my passport.

I'm going to Kenya.

Now that the time is so close, it seems almost unreal. All these months of doing what I could to prepare, when there really wasn't much that could be done. A phone call here, a little paperwork there--no big deal. It seemed like spring of 2012 would never come.

But now, I've started buying travel-sized toiletries. Testing out powdered drink packets to see what I like. Guessing what size luggage I'll need. Realizing that I need to go shopping for some suitable clothing, then forgetting to actually go. Stuffing random items in my backpack, preparing for this adventure.

One month from now, many of the unknowns that I've tossed around will be known. I'll know which airports we pass through, where I'll be sleeping, what my days will look like.

But one thing will still be unknown--what this trip will do to me. Will it crush my heart? Make me want to adopt half of the children I meet? Will I come face-to-face with my own selfishness, and be broken forever? Will this be a trip to remember because it was so unique, or because it rocked me to my core?

One month from now, I won't know just yet. But I will be closer.

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