Friday, September 12, 2008

Blog Makeover: Quest Edition

My blog redesign is done! By a professional! YAY!

George and Ashley Weis at Tekeme Studios came up with this for me, and I love it! Simple, but with some color. Cool. Yeah :-)

I learned through this process that I have varied tastes. I gave them 3 different core ideas to work from, which are totally different. And they actually came up with a look that included them all! That's talent. Oh, and they did it in the midst of having a brand new baby! I think they nailed it.

They are constantly having blog design giveaways and such (I won part of this design!), and even if you don't win, their prices are very reasonable. So head on over to their site by clicking the link in this post or through the button on my right sidebar and Get Your Own Tekeme design!!

Thanks George and Ashley!!


  1. Very nice redesign. Needs more pictures of Titus :)

  2. I LOVE the redesign! Of course I tell everyone I like their redesign, but I seriously LOVE your's! Very nice!

  3. Very nice! You sound like me. I like too many different styles to choose just one.


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