Sunday, September 14, 2008

What's Your Excuse?

Way back in January, I started a "Read the Bible in a year" plan. And here it is September and I'm still on track! Woo hoo!

Anyway, I just finished the book of Ezekiel. And it makes me a little ashamed of myself.

This poor man had visions. Prophesies from God that he was commanded by the Most High to share with those he was sent to. And I'm not talking about little things, either. For twenty-two years, this man had visions of death and destruction: valleys filled with blood. Littered with bodies. Skeletons being reformed into living beings. Crazy, weird, scary visions.

He did strange things to get the attention of those he was sent to warn. Eating scrolls. Lying on his side for months while bound in ropes. Shaving his head, measuring his hair, and burning it.

And does the Bible ever say that he pulled the covers over his head and hid from God? No. Did he ever say, "Gee God - you know, I'm not really a horror movie kind of guy. Could you send these visions to someone else please?"

No. He endured these awful visions, over and over. And he went where he was commanded and did what he was told. He was obedient to God and told all those wicked people what he saw. Because God said so.

Has God asked you to do something? Revealed His call for your life? Maybe you did it for a while and got tired. So you quit. Or maybe you never stepped up to the plate at all.

I know I'm guilty. I have half-finished projects tucked into nooks and crannies at my house. I have partially written books and proposals on my hard drive. And after putting my experiences and excuses beside those of Ezekiel, I really have no excuse at all.

What God has asked of me so far hasn't really been that tough. So what's my problem?

What's yours?

Something to think about...


  1. Great challenge. I seriously needed this 'push'. Thank you so much.

    Have a great day,

  2. Excellent challenge to JUST DO IT!

    I loved this thought provoking post.

    Fun to meet another writer. Thanks for commenting on my post today with Laced with Grace.

  3. OH, I Hope I don't do that to Him! I hope I am always aware of what he is saying and that i'm obedient!! I have half books written too. hmmmmm

  4. Really made ME think. What IS my problem, in comparison??

  5. Wow! I never thought of Ezekiel that way. And you've got me thinking about myself.

    Btw. I'm just catching up online here and read about little Titus. So very sorry to hear about him. I know you'd been so excited about getting him.

  6. Great post and thanks for sharing the insights into Ezekial. I didn't know some of those things about him. Ezekiel isn't exactly one of those books I hang out in all the time, but maybe I need to read it more. I'm glad God has given me things to do that aren't quite so strange. Now to get them done!


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