Sunday, September 21, 2008

More Dog Drama

Well, after we lost our little Titus we got some advice from a few folks to "get back on the horse" and get another dog. We already had the food, bed, toys and all, right?

The kids were all for it (short grieving period thankfully), so we agreed to look. It just so happened that a coworker of mine had rescued a dog and was trying to find a home for it. He is a Plott Hound, and his name is Red.

"He's so sweet, a big baby, gentle, blah blah blah," she said. All the things someone trying to unload a dog would say :-) She thought maybe we could take him for the weekend as a "trial period" to see how he'd fit with our family. That sounded like a good idea to me, so I called Jeff and he said OK.

I prayed that if this dog was for us, we'd all fall in love and be in total agreement that he should stay. But if he wasn't, we would all agree on that, too.

So Thursday, we met her to get the dog. I nearly jumped back when I saw him in her truck. She had said that he was big, but that didn't adequately describe him. "Size of a small subdivision" would be more appropriate. He was HUGE!! I should have taken a picture.

So, we took him home, while fighting him out of our laps. (Note: you don't want an 85 pound dog in your lap while driving.) Jeff kept him at home, while I went to pick up the kids.

They were in the driveway when we pulled in, and my kids were instantly terrified on sight. They were freaking out and not even out of the van yet. Not a good sign.

To condense the rest of the night: he took two horse-sized poops on my CARPET (one dripping down the side of MY bed!!!) I had to chase him down the driveway. Jeff had to chase him TWICE, once in the dark. He caught him behind our neighbor's house. Another neighbor saw him and, um, wasn't real thrilled. My mother-in-law went weak in the knees just by looking at him. Seriously.

So basically, everyone was terrified of the dog. We knew before bedtime that he would be going back. The next morning solidified it, when he bit the baby. It left a little mark, but he didn't draw blood. Thank you, Lord! No one else was in the room, so we don't really know what happened, but nibbling on the children is a NO-NO on the new doggie list.

I'd say that God answered that unity prayer pretty clearly. :-)

So he was gone by lunch Friday, much to my relief. Much to the relief of the whole family and neighborhood, actually.

And, we still don't have a dog.

I'm worn out from all the doggie drama.

Maybe we should just get a cat...


  1. HOLY COW!!!! Yeah-- I'm not a fan of big dogs. Kudos to you for sticking it out for at least (or almost) 24 hours, though! I'm glad Eli wasn't hurt-- that is REALLY scary!

    You'll know when and if it's right, though, just like you knew with Titus.

    And remember, with a cat, they have claws. Although, I hear there are these rubber things you can put over their claws-- not sure how that works, though. Someone at Pinnacle told me about it. Our poor kitten needs her claws, though, to warn the dogs!

  2. What an experience. It's good everyone agreed. I hope some lucky puppy in need of your home finds his (her) way to you.

  3. Well, I can see why jumbo dog got marked off your list right away. Sounds like he needs some big farm out in the country to roam.

    Seriously, we've had dogs and we've had cats. I'd take a cat any day- an outdoor cat that is.


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