Monday, September 24, 2007

It's slowly starting to come together...

I got my first article to put in our brand new church publication, Compass Magazine! I'm the general editor, and today was the first deadline of many. The welcome message from our pastor is the first piece of content that I have received, and I am so excited! I got a call from one of our student pastors, and he passed the phone around the office to others ministry leaders. I heard promises of more articles on their way this evening. I was afraid that I would have to start a "late" fund, and start charging the contributors for each day they missed the deadline!

But for now, I can still be a nice editor. :-)

I can't wait to see how God brings this all together...


  1. What a fun project! I'm sure you'll do great at it! I'll be watching for more updates.

  2. Your job as editor probably involves a lot more swanky articles, cool photos, and tons more information than the editor job I did for our little church newsletter years back - but the problems seem to be the same - getting people to turn their articles in on time!


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