Sunday, September 30, 2007


Oh, little red scarf, why can't I finish you? Do you unravel yourself when I'm not looking? I've been working on you for so long, lovingly adding stitches to your length. Don't you know that you are being created for a purpose? You are to bring joy, warmth and comfort to a needy soul. Don't you want to fulfill your purpose? If you let me complete my work, then you can be bound off of my needles and find your freedom. Freedom to go, to fulfill your destiny in the life of another. Oh little red scarf, please let me finish you...

Oh, chosen child, why do you resist me? You undo the work I've done. I've spent your entire life working on you, placing you in places and situations that will grow you, mature you, enable you to fulfill your purpose. A purpose that is meant for you, and you alone. I can use you to bring joy, comfort, and peace to a needy soul. Don't you want to be free? When you stop working against me, and let Me be your strength and your guide, you will be free from the lies, the tricks, the strongholds that hold you back. Precious child, give your heart to me, and you can truly be free!

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  1. I like your application.

    I finished my scarf and mailed it out last Friday. What a great feeling of joy it gave me to know it would bless someone. Thank you for pointing out this ministry to me.


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