Sunday, January 13, 2008

A Big Sports Day for the Ingersoll's

Tonight, I bid a sad farewell to my Indianapolis Colts, who were defeated by an injured Phillip Rivers (from NC State) and also an injured LaDanian Tomlinson. I hate to say it, but if you can't beat a team with their 2 star players on the bench, maybe you don't deserve to win. And believe me: it pains me to say that. I adore Tony Dungy and Peyton Manning. Watching them lose is NOT fun...

Tomorrow will be a long day at work, as I'm sure I will be harassed mercilessly by those Patriots fans, who shall remain nameless. Sigh.

On a better note:
Today, my husband and oldest son have gone to Durham to watch their beloved Duke Blue Devils men's basketball team. They got tickets for Christmas, and let me just say that the tuition isn't the only thing that's expensive! (But I would totally try to pay it if my kid could get in!)

So Jeff's sister called, and she will also be at the game with her husband. She's driving up from Fayetteville. She's a nurse, and one of the doctors she works for is a Duke grad and couldn't use his tickets, so he GAVE them to her. $$$

We laughed and said how much better her seats would likely be, and if she had a heart she'd let the "boy" sit in the good seats.

They are all sitting together.

They met for dinner before the game, and when they compared tickets, they were not just in the same section (1M). Or even the same row. They are sitting in 4 CONSECUTIVE SEATS. Is that crazy, or what?

So, in my best cheering voice.....GO DUKE!!!

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  1. I must be the only female in bloggy land who is not a football fan! The females I grew up with were discouraged from the sport (weird, I know).

    Sorry your team lost - hope your coworkers weren't too hard on you!


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