Monday, January 7, 2008

Low Pressure....NOT!

I left work today, and while driving down the interstate my "low tire pressure" light came on. I stopped, and my tire was splitting open. Like, COMING APART! Afraid to drive it, and unable to change it myself (without an air gun!), I called the dealer for advice:

Me: My low tire pressure light came on, and my tire appears to be coming apart. But, it isn't flat. Do you think it would be safe for a few more miles so I could make it there?

Service dept: I'd have to see it before I could judge that. If you could bring it in, I could look at it.

Me, to self in disbelief: What? Did you just hear yourself?

Me, out loud: Um, that's why I'm calling. I don't think I can drive it in.

Service dept: So you need a tow?

Me: Uh, no. I don't need a tow for a flat tire. Thanks anyway.

Service dept.: I don't blame you...

Are you kidding me?!

And of course, it had to be today. Today, when my husband was just arriving in Raleigh for the one day he's out of town. Ugh...

Turns out that it's a tire defect and I actually have 2 damaged tires. They'll luckily be replaced by our wonderful tire guy Mike at Candler Tire tomorrow (NOT the service dept. I spoke to earlier!)

My tires may have low pressure, but MY pressure level was SKY HIGH!

Calgon, take me away...


  1. I love those "low tire pressure" lights. And I'm thankful the situation wasn't worse for you. Way to go, God!

  2. Boy! Sounds like Monday was the day for disasters.

  3. I'm glad you got things taken care of. Hubby will be so proud of you!

    Thanks, too, for pointing out my blogoversary a few days ago. I completely missed it! It was caucus day here in Iowa and I was probably camped out in front of FOX news, completely oblivious to things going on around me. Including my blog anniversary! =( Now I suppose I'll have to do a post that points out what an idiot I am. =)

  4. I'll send you a box of Calgon - I have a storage shed full! hehehe Check out my blog at God bless!


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