Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Dear Aaron,...

I had a post written which was basically a rant about the evils of Pokeman cards and afterschool care. After sleeping on it, I decided to forego the rant and just share the humor in the situation instead.


When I picked Aaron up this afternoon, I found an envelope, a note and a dollar in his basket.

It says on the outside: "To Aaron: You are a good friend."

On the inside: "Dear Aaron, I want to give you this card and doller sence you have kind of suckish cards."

Yes, you read that right. Some sweet? little kid feels sorry for my son's shabby Pokeman collection so he gave him a dollar to, I don't some cards that aren't suckish?

Well, I should probably just look at the bright side: at least that kid has compassion, right? :-)

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