Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction.

So, I was trying to be all good and prepared and frugal on my budget, right? I had scoured the sales papers, clipped my coupons, and planned my menu. I set a goal to finish my grocery shopping at three different stores and return home in under two hours.

First store: the deal I really wanted was nowhere to be found. Dang. Well, that's OK, because overall I got what I was after and saved around twenty bucks.

Second store: I was excited to go here because I love getting a good deal and they are having TRIPLE COUPONS this week! I was trying to hurry, because at this point it was snowing and I was expecting the "We're closing early" call from daycare at any minute. (Which came an hour after I got home.)

I grabbed my purse and headed for the door. As I reached the sidewalk, some shady character to my left says, "Ma'am, you can't go in there. They're not lettin' anyone in."

What? I can't go in the GROCERY STORE?

Before I have a chance to answer him, a cashier says, "He's right. You can't come in." I turn to my right to see her standing guard, with her face stuck between the glass double doors. "Our whole system is down and we have a store full of people. You can't come in. But, you can go sit in your car and watch the door until you see activity."

Was she serious? Did she really think that I had nothing better to do than to sit in my car IN THE SNOW and watch for the grocery store to be up and running again?

I laughed and told her no thank you, then walked back to my car. Crazy!

It's almost as bad as the time I went to Taco Bell and they told me they were out of beef. Which pretty much left a menu option of "Pintos and Cheese" as the only thing you could order, and they could actually prepare.

Dude. How can you be the manager of a Taco Bell and let it run out of BEEF?

Anyway, as I left the grocery store I thought to myself: if they are barring the door to keep people from coming IN, were they letting anyone OUT, or were they hostages? Obviously, you can't leave with your groceries if you can't check out but if you decided to abandon your cart and come back later, would they let you out?

Hmm. Like I said, sometimes truth is stranger than fiction...

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  1. Three thoughts:

    1) lol-- a taco bell running out of beef!! At Domino's we ran out of dough one time. Not a good business plan.

    2) Publix was closed the other day, too. Except (since we don't have more than a flurry of snow here or there) it was because they had inventory or something. So they closed at 7pm?!?!

    3) And in response to your last blog, about the B word. Isn't that book rockin'?! All of North Point is currently doing a series called "Balanced" and it's about finances in general. Andy talks about it on Sundays and we have a workbook for our small groups. It's awesome to be able to talk about it with our small group members and keep each other accountable! Glad you are both fired up about your goals!


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