Sunday, November 30, 2008

Can You Tell Mommy is Working This Weekend?

The Christmas decorations made it as far as the kitchen floor:

My living room is a cramped mess while we try to make room for our Christmas tree (which at the moment is propped up on the front porch):

This is the pile of hats, gloves, blankets and other items necessary for watching a college football playoff game when it's rainy and 45 degrees outside, which was conveniently dumped on the love seat:

And this is a combination of seven-year-old birthday presents and daddy's Bible study materials:

I am exhausted just LOOKING at this mess!

Anyone wanna clean my house? Anyone? Anyone? :-)


  1. Looks like my place. I got the Christmas decorations out as well. Then my oldest got sick and that's where they've sat all day!

  2. You have a very pretty home. Love that floor!

    I'd be happy to come clean your house if you would clean mine. Somehow it's always easier to shuffle somebody else's stuff than it is to do our own.

  3. A clean house is overrated! You clean it and it just gets messy again. (Can you tell my house isn't clean?) :)


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