Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Dear Telemarketers, please call me...

and call often so that dirty-minded perverts cannot reach my place of business and make me say


Some guy called the salon today, and it was all "How much are your packages? What about your products?" and totally normal questions. He asked about a specific product, and it turned into "Can I tell you a little story?"

Trying to be nice to a potential customer, I listened.

First mistake.

When he wouldn't stop talking, I got a clue that something was amiss. Still, I let him keep talking.

Second mistake.

Then, his story started to turn south - figuratively AND literally.

I tried to nicely end the conversation, but he just kept talking. The more he talked, the more inappropriate he got until I just had to hang up. (Which in hindsight I should have done MUCH SOONER.)

I totally got freaked out, and he didn't even say anything totally overboard until seconds before I hung up. Stuff like that just gives you a bad feeling. I was paranoid of every male after that, whether they were in the salon or just driving through the parking lot.

There are just some sick individuals in this world. Ew.

I think I need to disinfect my phone now. The next time it rings, I really, really hope it's a telemarketer.

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  1. Funny, you never think you'll be grateful for telemarketers! Sorry for the experience---said a quick prayer for a clean mind---and a clean phone. I ditto the "ew".


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