Wednesday, August 26, 2009

First Days of School 2009

Here's my two big boys about to leave for Eli's very first day, and Aaron's second. What cuties! Just look at those smiles.

Here's my almost-scared-to-go-to-school sweetie on his first day. His backpack is nearly as big as he is!

Here he is, acting like Eli, on Aaron's first day.

That's my second grader!!
And in case you didn't know, it's no longer cool to take photos of teenagers - so no first day of Junior year to share.
Aww, all my babies are in "big school" now! Where did the time go????


  1. Such adorable children! I am having a first day of school this week myself---only my "baby" is 15 and has never been to public school---or any school other than our living room! We are secure in our decision, but man, I feel like he is just like your first timer---only he is 5'9" :0). BTW, found your site via

  2. Cute kiddies! It's cool if teens take pics of one another and post them all over facebook, but God forbid a mother would want to share one on her blog!


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