Sunday, December 9, 2007

Ahh, a nice relaxing weekend. Just the cure for brain fog.

This weekend has been a relaxing one. Thank goodness! I think the brain fog might finally be lifting a bit.

Yesterday, I stayed in my PJ's until 3pm. I finished knitting a little ornament for our lab Christmas tree:

and I finally embroidered this eyeglasses case that I made ages ago:

I think I want to put a liner in it, so I'm not putting it in my Etsy shop just yet.

Then my hubby and I went to a Christmas party thrown by my broker-in-charge Rhonda at Easy Realty. They're a fun group of people and we had a good time and a good meal. Nice.

Today, we (Jeff really) taught a small group at church with 14 people. Awesome! Then we designated ourselves as "Power Point" pray-ers for the service. Let me just say that I love to hear my husband pray. Definitely a gift!

After a soup and sandwich lunch, we all went bowling. We had a blast! We took a few pictures, but they may not make it here. Or anywhere. Ever. They are either blurry or shots of our various backsides :-) Not really what you want to see, I assure you.

Next up: Fresh baked chocolate chip cookies, and my favorite football team, the Indianapolis Colts as the Sunday night game. A win would be the perfect ending to a pretty perfect weekend.

Thank you, Lord, for slowing down the pace of my life just a bit so I can enjoy it...


  1. I'm glad you had such a lovely weekend. It's nice to slow down and take a breather.

    Cute ornaments! I haven't done any teeny tiny knitting. Still working on that sweater! I'm a one project don't start another til it's finished person. Better get working on it!

  2. It is nice to slow down, isn't it? We've been going and going. Our weekend was nice, too. I'm looking forward to the new year after all the holiday stuff to slow down as well. It's amazing how when given the chance to just live simply, even if for only a moment, we can take in the big picture and enjoy life so much more.

    I love the eye glass case - very creative!

    It's been a while since I stopped by; I'm glad you popped in on my blog today...


  3. The sweater is adorable...
    but it looks like its head floated away with the ball ornament above it. That eyeglass case is so cute, too!


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