Friday, December 7, 2007

A Little Miscellaneous Post

OK. I just haven't had much time to blog lately. Or much else it seems! It probably wouldn't make much sense right now anyway. My brain seems to be shrink-wrapped these days: nothing getting out, nothing going in. I kinda feel like I'm in a void. I read my daily Bible stuff, and five minutes later I can't tell you what I just read. I only seem to be able to focus on what is right in front of me at any given moment, and even then not for long.

My brain has gone on strike with the writers, I guess. So please come back another day if I totally lose you and make no sense at all. :-)

I'm not stressed about Christmas. Really. I'm more indifferent. Not to Christmas. Just to the materialistic money-sucker it's been turned into by the world. In my opinion, Christmas would be better with NO presents :-) We'd just celebrate God's gift to us, and that would be that. I just don't want to shop this year. I have only bought like two presents, and we won't discuss how many I need to buy...

The cookie swap was fine. The pinwheels were good, even though they were a little soft when they warmed to room temperature. The wreaths were good, too. They were certainly the most discussed, but strangely the least eaten. Everyone I actually saw with one liked it, so go figure?! I came home with lots of cookies that I totally didn't need. So my family has decided to save me from all those empty calories, and they are eating some of them before I get to them and put myself into a sugar-induced coma...

I just finished a pair of mittens for charity. That's something good! They're small kids size, black wool for the Soaring Eagles Project. I can't decide if I should add a snowflake or something unisex on them or just let them be.

What do you think? The deadline to get them in is the 17th...

(PS: I hope to return to a normal, kinda-maybe-makes-sense-post soon!)

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  1. Love the mittens. A snowflake would be cute - but at this time of year it would be one more thing to do also.

    I HATE, HATE, HATE shopping! Did I emphasize that enough? Thank you Lord, for the Internet! I still have a few little stocking stuffer things that I'm not willing to pay shipping on to pick up and then I am done!


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