Monday, December 3, 2007


OK, here it is: the first issue of our church magazine, The Compass!! (Yours truly is the editor)

What a labor of love :-) I'm pretty proud, I must say. My writers and graphic designer ROCK!

Go to Pinnacle Church and click on "The Compass" in the center, or click the image below to go straight to it...


The Compass

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  1. Awesome newsletter! I loved your article. It expressed my exact thoughts about Christmas. I'm not stressed out one bit because I haven't started decorating - Christmas isn't about decorating - it's about Jesus!

    I can sure tell you come from a big church with some great resources. The little newsletter I used to put out had to be all black and white because I printed it out on the church photo copier. It was pretty basic old school stuff. It would have been fun to work on something so colorful and bold. You did a great job!


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