Thursday, December 20, 2007


I read this post recently, also titled "Day One," at Holy Experience about 21 days of no complaining. I thought, "Wow. I bet Jeff would like that for Christmas."

I read this post today about the manna jar and it made me think.

Also today, I got an email from my good friend Angie, reminding me of the "silver boxes" speech we heard at the Festival of Holidays this year. About your words only being used for encouraging and building up, like tiny silver gift boxes. She ran across it again while going a "30 Days of Encouraging your Husband" challenge.

All these posts and articles seem to have the same message for me.

Stop complaining.

Funny, I don't complain much to anyone but him. I'm afraid that he takes the brunt of my frustrations. And it's not fair, and it's taking a toll.

Our marriage isn't bad by any stretch of the imagination. But the hopeless romantic in me wants my husband to give me the "googly-eyes" look that he used to. To see his eyes light up and a smile on his face more often when he sees me. I've wished for a revival of sorts in our marriage, and this challenge came at just the right time. So, I won't ignore God's timing. He knows best.

So, I'm game. Let's go.

During this challenge, I cannot say anything bad about or to him.

I will undoubtedly require some prayer to get me through this. :-)

Today then, is Day One...


  1. I did the 30 day challenge this summer and I really was surprised at how critical my thought life was at the beginning!

    I pray that all goes well for you and for your hubby during this challenge!

  2. Wow! What a neat challenge. It'll be fun to see how it affects your relationship with your husband.

    I'll say a prayer for Dylan.


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