Saturday, May 17, 2008

The answer

The umbrellas are tick repellants. :-)

Well, according to someone who shall remain nameless. They insist that ticks fall out of trees. I always thought they were in the grass. So, smug little me decided to google the answer and post it here. As it turns out, I found just as many sites saying that ticks DO fall out of trees as I did saying that they do NOT. So, whatever. But the conversation about it was funny anyway!

I was outside all day and didn't see a single one. Worms, though? I got your worms...

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  1. I never knew ticks fell out of trees. I always thought they crawled around in the grass. So how do they get in the trees in the first place? Is that where they breed? Weird! When you live among as many trees as I do this tidbit of information really makes me want to check my head for ticks a lot more!


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