Thursday, May 1, 2008

New on the Market!

My husband and boys stopped for sports drinks on their way home from the park tonight. Apparently there is a new product on the market that we didn't know about:

We learned this when we discovered our 6 year old drinking it AT BEDTIME. You know, P.M.? Not A.M. like on the label?!?!

It seems that if you don't get enough cardio exercise in your workout, you can just have one of these to get your heart racing. Electrolytes and Energy-Boosters.....TASTY! :-P

I'll let you know if he's up running laps with the hamster all night or not.


  1. Love it! Who would have thought that Gatorade would give you more of a buzz? An AM buzz-I think that it is probably beyond what I can handle!


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