Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Hypothetically speaking

Let's say, hypothetically, that an hour after breakfast, while going about your business, you can still smell your maple and brown sugar oatmeal. Would you:

1. Sniff continually, wondering where the smell is coming from
2. Immediately go to the nearest mirror just in case you happen to be wearing a big blob of your maple and brown sugar oatmeal on your neck like a pendant.

I'm just asking. Hypothetically, of course. :-)


  1. you wearing your breakfast this morning?

    Another option would be to see if my maple and brown sugar candle was still burning from the night before. I have a bad habit of remembering to blow it out. :)

  2. Oh that is funny, hypothetically of course.

  3. So funny! It reminds me of the time in high school when I went up to the cafeteria line to get a second grilled cheese sandwich, only to discover on my way back that the crust to the first one was hanging on the front of my sweater!


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