Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I've lost that lovin' feelin'.

ANY lovin' feelin' that I had is gone, OK?

This morning started out great. Hot coffee, breathtaking sunrise, Jeremy Camp blaring in my car. Yep. It was all good.

Until about 7:35 am.

I had a problem patient that I had to deal with, delaying my breakfast by a full half hour. Work remained very busy after that.

As you know from an earlier post, I've been having lunch and writing in my car. Having a Slimfast for lunch enables me to actually do that in 30 minutes. So, lunch time rolls around, and guess what I don't have. You got it! Slimfast. I had to settle for yogurt and a banana.

Back to work. I got fussed at by a doctor because of a fellow employee's incompetence. What's new. I got caught up in my department, and it was time for a much needed break, because I was HUNGRY. Except, we had to have a FIRE DRILL instead! No snack for me :-(

I was grumpy about this series of events, and grumbled about it to a buddy or two while we signed in for the fire drill. The safety officer, a VERY SWEET Christian man apparently heard me and apologized to the group in general for the disruption. I felt about an inch tall.

Finally! I got to leave work. No rain in the forecast, so I decided to finally wash my grungy car. I took my place in line behind another car and patiently waited while his wash finished. In went my ATM card to pay for mine. A voice said that I was getting a receipt, but it never appeared. Great! The scramble for scratch paper ensued. While I was looking, the guy in front of me, WHOSE WASH IS OVER, began backing his car back into the stall. This triggered the sensors, and HIS car got the wash I PAID for.

I am telling myself that he was old and senile and no business behind the wheel of a car. That he was completely confused and didn't really realize that he just sat through TWO car washes. And drove off without a wave, a word, or anything. Just took my car wash and "Hasta la vista, baby!"

I'm trying really hard to believe that it was an honest mistake and not be mad.

Can I say UGH!?

I got home, and a squirrel had been digging through my freshly-planted-I'm-still-just-a-seedling herb garden.

I was finally calming down a bit until just now: I went outside to check on my kids. And noticed a lovely four-foot-long scratch down the side of my 2004 Sienna minivan. It was still a nice-looking ride.

I think I'll just go to bed now. I have a lot of repenting to do before I can go to sleep. :-Z

Lord, Lord! What a rotten day. I know my ways are not Your ways, because I would not plan a day like this on purpose! I pray that whatever kind of test today was, whatever I needed to learn, that I learned it! I don't want to repeat it. Help me to see the good that was in this day.

Thank you Jesus for dying for me, because my behavior today would not be helping me get to heaven. Thank you Father, for forgiving me when I mess up. And I do. Frequently.

I pray Lord that this yuk in my heart will be gone soon, washed away by Your mercy and grace. And that tomorrow when I wake up to another beautiful sunrise, I'll still feel like singing your praises!

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  1. Hmmmmm.... my previous comments didn't go through. Maybe I wasn't supposed to write them.

    I'm sorry you had a lousy day. Maybe God will give you a day filled with blessings to make up for it.


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