Sunday, May 25, 2008


Sometime today, between hamburgers and horseshoes, while you're enjoying a day off from work, take a few moments to remember the brave men and women throughout history who have fought valiantly to give us the lives we enjoy now. Free from religious persecution, free to meet when and where we want, to talk about whatever we want -- even to complain about the very government that is paying those same soldiers to protect us....

Thanks, all of you soldiers who aren't eating burgers and hot dogs on the grill, but MRE's on the battlefield. Thanks all you soldiers who aren't enjoying a day off with the family, but working months on end, without seeing your family at all.

Thanks for fighting so I don't have to...

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  1. Thank YOU for this terrific wonderful fantastic post. I found you through Lysa's She Speaks Links. I am attending on the writer side.

    My husband is a Vietnam Veteran, and although I didn't know him then, he has taught me the proper respect for our soldiers through the years. I posted on it, on Memorial Day, if you wanted to check out my blog.

    In any event - see you at She Speaks!


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