Thursday, May 8, 2008

I can't write because I'm writing.

When did life get so busy? (Didn't I post about this already?)

I'm not sure what's happened at work. On most days, I have always had enough time to at least check my email, and maybe read a blog post or two. Nope! Not anymore. It's like someone kicked the workload in overdrive. It's crazy. Now, I actually have to work to earn my paycheck! :-)

Aaron is playing T-ball, and it seems like he has games all the time. Fridays, Saturdays, Mondays, and occasionally make-up games on Tuesday. And don't forget practice. Gotta go to the park for that, too! Jeff is gone to small group on Wednesday nights. Thursday is the one night I watch TV, and then only for an hour. And of course there's church on Sundays.

That's something every day of the week.

That alone shoud explain why I can't seem to post on a regular basis, but there's more...

I finally got motivated and am actively working on my books. (Remember my Open Doors post?) But I thought, "Where will I find the time?" I read about a book called "Time to Write" on my friend Marybeth's blog and bought it that day. It really has helped motivate me.

So now, I'm spending my lunch break in my car with my laptop. And I'm actually making progress. At first, I kept watching the clock to make sure I didn't stay too long. Finally I learned to set the alarm on my cell phone. Now, I work right though with no worries until the alarm goes off. That little discovery has been a HUGE help. Thankfully, God is blessing my effort and the words are pouring right out. Well, they should! They've been rattling aound in there for, um, how long now?

So, my life may be busy, but finally, FINALLY, my mind seems less "cluttered." It's hard to think when you've got book chapters and blog posts trying to get out of your head!!!

But, the writing fever is growing. So if I can't seem to post here much, that's probably why. Not because I don't love you guys (because I do!). I'm just in my car writing :-)

And please, please ladies: go to my surveys on the top right of my blog. Daughters-in-law: you rock! I'm getting a great response. Mothers-in-law? Not so much. Spread the word and round up those ladies!!! The clock is ticking! Thanks for helping!!!


  1. How comforting to see my own life spelled out in such detail in this post. It helps me to know that other writers go through phases where writing and daily life consume pretty much everything.

  2. Ya know.... I want an autographed copy when this book is finally pubished!

  3. Loved this post, Beth. Because right now, I'm taking a writing break to give myself a little mental break!

    Tell me about your book...Is it being published?


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