Thursday, October 18, 2007

I didn't have a choice. I just had to do it!

I thought I was past this, but I guess I'm not. Yet.

I don't quite obsess over my reader numbers like I once did, but it's hard for an over-achiever like me to not "see" success. I realized that even if I have thousands of readers, God may be using my blog to reach only one person. And looking at all the numbers in the world just won't tell me that.

With all the writing I have as an editor, and duties as a wife and mother, I just don't have time to waste focusing on junk that doesn't matter. I feel like I was trying to blog just to keep up my numbers (like I have more than 4 readers anyway!)

So, my counters are all deleted. Know why?

God asked me to.

I resisted a little. Maybe I can just promise to only look on the first of the month, or only on Saturday, etc. But then I said, "Nope. God didn't say 'stop looking so much.' He said, 'Get rid of it.'"

So, I did. I pushed that "delete" key. My hope is that maybe one day, God will tell me that it's OK to look. And I want to see the big numbers that God brought because I was obedient when He told me to "get rid of it."

Isn't it silly all the crazy ways Satan can try to trip us up?


  1. I can relate! When I first added my counter I was obsessed! Something must have changed because my counter is still on and I rarely even look at it now. I can't remember the last time I looked at the number or checked to see what towns people where writing from. It's good for you to realize this and take action. Your blog is great!

  2. I'm with you on this one. I probably just need to delete mine, too. I'm blogging as a way to keep a written record of our life anyway... why should I care about how many readers I have?

    Anyway, just wanted to let you know I stopped back by today. It's good to know that other blogger moms struggle with such a silly issue, too!

    Take care,

    Becky (Boys Rule My Life)

  3. I am a new blogger, one week old :) came across your blog. I love what you have to say. Also, are you a knitter? I am new at that too..check out my little ongoing project.


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