Saturday, October 27, 2007

Not much happenin' here...

Most everyone in my house feels "blah." Hubby feels drained, kids are tired, and I have to work at the hospital this weekend. I'm just tired,too. But at least the week-long headache finally went away! Just makes you want to close your eyes and sleep...

Not many brainwaves here! But I did manage to finish this Oz vest (newborn size), after some tinking and deep breathing:

May I just say that I hate picking up neckline stitches, and three-needle bind-offs? I do.

May I say that I LOVE finished objects? I do.

May I also say that wandering around SAFF for hours is therapeutic, even if you don't buy that really expensive Tilli Thomas yarn that you drooled over? It is.

Here's hoping you have a relaxing, non-brain-draining weekend! (and if you knit, filled with yummy yarns and finished objects :-))

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  1. SAFF looked like fun! Wish I could have joined you.

    I finished 15 dishcloths to donate to the youth group's bazarre for their fund raiser. Now I am working on a sweater for myself. I wish I could say I'm making it with some yummy yarn, but it is Red Heart from Walmart. It's knitting up nicely and I hope it fits when it is finished. The yarn I wanted I could not get in the quantity I wanted and I refuse (for now) to purchase yarn online. I'm afraid once I start I won't be able to stop. :-)


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