Monday, October 15, 2007

A Peaceful Sunday

Yesterday started as a crisp fall morning, with a beautiful sky:


Church was good, the and the temperatures had warmed nicely by the end of the service. We came home for lunch, and decided that it was just too nice to stay indoors. So we took the boys to play putt-putt. It was a very close game. Even my five year old was making par! We all had at least one hole-in-one, but mine got me this:

Funny thing was, we had just used one of those that my husband had earned to get in!

Anyway, afterwards we just weren't ready to go home, so we drove out to the area where my husband is framing a house for someone. I had never been out that way, and boy! had I been missing out on some of God's most impressive creations! Truly fields, red barns, streams, mountains rising up right in front of your eyes. Mountain coves with stunning views from every angle. And the leaves just barely beginning to turn a pale gold.

One child was sleeping, the other two were quiet. It was very relaxing. Just what I like!

I discovered that my husband and I both are experiencing a longing for wide open spaces. We love our house, and the setting is beautiful. But it's a shady, leafy kind of beautiful. With moss for grass, and very little yard at all. Very serene, though. We are indeed blessed.

But we have three sons. Who like to play football and baseball in the yard, and ride bikes and be little boys. And that is hard where we are now. But property is SOOOOOO outrageous here, we can't afford those wide open spaces. Not without winning the lottery!

So, we will continue to take peaceful Sunday afternoon drives and enjoy riding by those wide open spaces, until God makes a way for us to live on them, if that is His will...

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  1. I know how you feel. We just moved from a place where we owned 11 acres of land for the kids to run and play. It was adjacent to Grandpa's land so they had lots and lots of room. Now we live in town with an adequate yard, but not big enough for boys who are used to playing ball and hunting gophers outside their backyard. Maybe someday God will show us a piece of property we can move onto but until then we take them out into the mountains and call that our backyard.


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