Friday, July 11, 2008

I should be doing...something else

I'm physically tired. Those early mornings and late nights are catching up with this chickie!

My brain is tired. I can't think. We had one of our surprise inspections at work today and, since I'm so good :-), I got reassigned to the department that was under the gun. This inspector was much easier on me than the last one. HALLELUJAH! But that also means that I got fed really good at work today, so now I'm full and useless.

I should be scrubbing toilets.
I should be packing.
I should be scheduling posts for you to read next week.
I should be asleep. :-)

Instead, I am here, catching up on my email and bloggy goodness that I couldn't get to earlier.

That may be all I do tonight! Whatever I do, I hope the rest of you have more energy than I do and have a great weekend!

OH, I almost forgot: we have a group from our church headed out for a mission trip to Nicaragua tomorrow. Say a prayer or two for them, OK?? Y'all are great! :-)


  1. Beth, thought I would pop in again. You sure have a pretty blog. I love the flowers and hot pink background!

  2. Hope you return home rested and ready.


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