Tuesday, July 29, 2008

What I Did on Vacation: Part Four

Really, the vacation posts are almost over :-)

Jeff and Jane went for a morning walk to the pier, while I was about to get in the shower and the kids watched cartoons. Suddenly I heard a man's voice, and it did not belong to my husband! I walked to the kitchen, in my PJ's, to discover a total stranger standing there. I went toward him and told him to get out!

I always wondered how I'd react in a situation like that. Now I know! If I was in a horror movie, I'd be the girl that gets knocked off for investigating the noise :-)

He stammered something about TV's and air conditioning filters and our Realty, and showed me a door hanger. So, dumb me, I let him in (well, the REST of the way in). He changed those filters faster than I can type "filters!" I think I scared him as much as he scared me!

Needless to say, I think I may be considering a different complex or realty next year: one that doesn't give strangers the code to your apartment and tell them to go right on in!

End of drama.

After frying in the sun for a few days, we decided to take a breather and stay indoors a bit more. So, off we went for our annual trek to the SC Aquarium.

Who should we meet outside of it? Well, Dr. Barker - one of my previous employers! He and his family were also staying on the island, and were hoping to catch a boat to Fort Sumter. Funny how we meet someone we know on vacation every year!

As always, we lined up in front of the green screen for the Souvenir photo. We buy it every year, although it usually stinks. Seriously! This year, for a refreshing change, I actually liked how I looked in it.

So of course we didn't buy it! Everyone else was looking off to the side, or frowning because they NEVER smile for pictures. That would be one of two photos proving that I actually went on vacation this year, and we didn't buy it. Sigh.

Eli got to see the divers, which was his only wish. We almost missed them, so thanks for the Divine Intervention on that one, Lord :-)

Here's a look at all my boys posing, and the rest are from a little exhibit called "Camp Carolina," I think.

Those owls are Lovebirds, which I thought were, well, birds?

I guess not.

Next: the last vacation post - I promise!!!

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  1. Cute boys you got there!

    I can't believe the story about the stranger! That's awful! Doesn't the company know that he could get seriously hurt or shot just showing up like that? Dumb!


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