Monday, July 21, 2008

What I Did on Summer Vacation: Part Two

When the Charleston Riverdogs are in town, we try to go watch a game. The first year they were against our very own home team, the Asheville Tourists. That was the year our coach Joe Mikulik had a meltdown so bad that it made ESPN (or here on YouTube). The Riverdogs mascot re-enacted it for us at the game.

We didn't let anyone know we were from Asheville :-)

This year it was against the West Virginia Mountaineers (I think.) We thought we remembered how to get to the stadium, but, um, we didn't. We drove through some very scary looking streets on our little adventure. I was starting to get frustrated as the driver. Not fun. The map from the visitor's center was no help, either. We finally gave up and just went to downtown Charleston instead.

Not that that's bad! We got to eat at Hyman's with NO WAITING! Talk about perfect timing! It was sooooo good. Ask Michael about the crab legs!

We braved a dial-up Internet connection to get directions, and this time we found the stadium and took the whole family. Even gramma. (I don't think she was very happy about that.)

The kids did the jumping slide thingy, and the pitching game, and the little ones got balloon animals. Two bunnies that were both popped before the 3rd inning. (It was a bad week for our animals. Later post...)

The clouds and lightening made us nervous, so about the 4th inning we split. I opted for a pit stop before hitting the road. Imagine my surprise when I walked into the Ladies Restroom to find a MAN in a OPEN STALL doing his business!! I just shielded my eyes and ran for a stall. I was pretty sure I hadn't gone into the wrong bathroom, but just in case, I stayed put until the room was deserted.

Guess what? He was wrong. Not me. I'm thinking he had imbibed a few adult beverages too many...

Then we got a ride from the golf cart shuttle guy, just in time to beat the rain. That was fun. I didn't know those little things could go so fast!

Up next: An aquarium surprise


  1. I'm so glad that you had a good time and no shark attack! Yikes!

    I have one memory of Isle of Palms. We decided to do a one day trip to the beach a few years ago when we didn't have time or money for a real vacation. Evidently, we didn't apply sunblock often enough because we were all lobsters which made the ride home just so much fun! Every time I think of that place I think, "Ouch!"

  2. Sounds like a fun trip so far. We used to be a baseball family when we lived in SD - seeing the Twins at least once a summer. Now we are too far from anything and the boys have no desire to play for a team here.

    I'm not doing anything this summer except waiting for this computer to slowly move through its steps. OK - so that's not entirely true, but it sure feels like it!

  3. Sounds like a very fun vacation. I could use some SC sun and water myself, I haven't seen the beach all summer! I currently live in the middle of NC (Chapel Hill) but I miss Asheville every day! I write about what's happening in Asheville at, so I like finding local bloggers :)


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