Thursday, July 24, 2008


Did I tell you guys that I was trying to save our old laptop, and it totally died as soon as I handed it over to be reformatted?

I really wanted a new one, but didn't want to pay for a new one.

A few days ago our "good" laptop started freaking out. Battery refusing to hold ANY charge, suddenly turning off in the middle of use with no warning - all very bad signs. I've been frustrated with it for quite some time. The spacebar and various other keys don't work well, and it takes FOR.E.VER to do anything.

We found a good deal between Dell and Best Buy that apparently no one else in town took advantage of because it took a couple of employees and 2 managers to agree to honor it.

But they did! So I'm TOTALLY EXCITED to tell you that this post was not only written on my new Dell laptop, but it's WIRELESS!!!!

We used our savings on the computer to upgrade to wireless for the house. No more being a contortionist while I try to write while stuck in the far corner of my couch! I'm FREE!!!

Just wanted to share my joy :-)

Do you have any good news???


  1. Yes, my husband and son are returning tonight from an 11 day trip to Bolivia. Need I say any more?!


  2. *JEALOUS* So very jealous! My puter is on the blink right now, but I have zero funds to put toward a new one. Yet. Someday. Someday.


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