Sunday, August 10, 2008

I thought weekends were for relaxing.

Well, not so this time! Saturday began as a "let's have a picnic" kind of day. OK, I can do that. Not a cookout, mind you. Just sandwiches. So, off we go until we find the playground at Lake Junaluska. Which, as many times as I've driven past, I have never noticed :-)

Grumpy lady there shooed us away from the picnic shelter before we even reached it. But that was OK, because a bench worked out just fine. The kids got to play here:

and even Gramma had fun:

After lunch we headed across the pedestrian bridge, feeding few ducks along the way. These were taken around or on the bridge:

Then we played a round of mini golf, where we ALL got at least one hole in one! I like that course. Good for the ego :-)

And as we're leaving the parking lot, I get this question from my husband: "So what happens if we go that way?" He's pointing towards Soco, and a curvy ride to Cherokee that will probably make him carsick. So, of course, we HAD to go that way. Twenty minutes later, we're in the parking lot of Santa's Land. (Sorry, I forgot the camera. Bad blogger!)

We saw baby bears, a camel, reindeer and various other "critters" in the zoo. The boys slid down probably four different playground slides, rode race cars and trains, and even paid a visit to Santa. Top it off with a Pizza Hut dinner, and it was a LONG day, but a lot of fun.

So Sunday is a day of rest, right?


Start off with a church service, add in a school-supply-shopping-trip to Wal-Mart (bad move), and end with an afternoon of fellowship and baptisms by the river.

Whew! I need another weekend to recover from my weekend!

So what did y'all do??


  1. Sounds like a pretty great weekend to me. It was cold and rainy here all weekend. Although it was a good reason to indulge my guitar hero habit.

  2. Sounds like we missed each other at that playground by only an hour or so. As a matter of fact, someone was playing minigolf when we drove down to the pool to buy drinks from the soda machine... bet it was you! (The lady that ran you off from the picnic shelter was in full blown birthday party mode when we were there.)

  3. Wow! We just missed eachother (but wouldn't have known it)! My family and I were there Saturday as well. And yes, we find that neither Saturday OR Sunday is relaxing. :)

  4. That does sound busy! I had some fun this past weekend with going on a kayaking trip and going to a baby shower. Sunday night I got to watch "my" kids perform their musical at church...I've had most of them in Sunday school or Awana, so it's exciting to see their personalities come out on stage!

  5. What a fun weekend! Cute ducks!

  6. Fun, fun! Enjoyed your pics and adventure.

    Wanted to stop by and say hi and thanks for your comment on my devo today on Laced with Grace.

    Have a great week and weekend!


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