Monday, August 4, 2008

We interrrupt your (un)-regularly scheduled blog post

because Blogger is experiencing technical difficulties.

At least I hope it's Blogger, and not me.

Because that would totally stink.

I'm trying to write a fun little post for your reading pleasure, but Blogger won't cooperate by letting me add my photo right now. And frankly, this post HAS to have this picture. I'll try again later.

And now, back to the show.....


  1. Hope it works out soon!

  2. Now you've got me thinking about that picture!

    How's the book coming along? I'd love to know more about it as time allows. As for me, I'm greatly looking forward to Monday. School begins, and I hope to gather my focus for a new writing project this Fall.

    I'll be checking back soon for that picture.


  3. Have you tried the picture today? Blogger accomodated mine. I'll be waiting to see what you've come up with too.


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