Saturday, August 30, 2008

Heeeere's Titus!

We brought him home today, and I must say, he's quite amazing.

He didn't make any kind of mess in the car. He looked like this:

He makes QUITE a mess when he eats. Which he loves. But he does let you wash his face when he's done. (food gets in his wrinkles)

It can't all be gone!

He loved his first bath. Actually, he even fell asleep as soon as we took him out of the tub.

Apparently, he'll sleep just about anywhere:

It's been a long day, OK?

He has not had an accident in the house yet, AMAZINGLY. We've made it outside every time. But, he's a healthy eater, so he's also a healthy pooper. My back yard should be nice and green next year! But right now, you walk through it at your own risk :-)

He was a little shy at first, but he's warmed right up. He'll play, jump, bite, bark and growl. I think he's settling in just fine. That's good, because I think we're already in love!

And what's not to love???


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  2. Oh my gosh! He is totally adorable!

  3. I'm not a dog-lover, but he's adorable!!! So cute!!!

  4. Titus is adorable. My only word of caution is to train him to be nice. My sister-in-law had a houseful of these and some were nice and others weren't, especially after they had babies, though I don't suspect "Titus" will be doing that. When my kids were little I never felt safe leaving them at her house and always kept a watchful eye when the dogs were around.

  5. AHH!! HOW CUTE! I'm soooo excited for you! Words cannot express how darn adorable he is! They grow quickly though...we have a 3 year old German Shepherd and I remember when she was the size of her (now she's over 60 pounds!) Enjoy it!

  6. What a cutie pie! Food gets in his wrinkles, huh? I hope the same will never be said of me!! :)

  7. oh, how cute!!! He's just like a little newborn all cuddly and sleepy! :) I think y'all are having too much fun at your house! Cute, cute, cute!


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