Saturday, August 2, 2008

Vacation Wrap-Up: FINALLY!

I know you guys just can't wait to her about the rest of our vacation. Well, I just want to wrap up this little series and not be a quitter (which I sometimes AM!) So bear with me: this is the last post. I promise...

Friday morning, we woke up to this:

This would soon become Tropical Storm Cristobal. Sorry the picture is hazy, but the longer I was ouside, the more my camera fogged up. I couldn't see anything through the lens at all about 10 seconds after I took this shot!

That storm ruined any outdoor activities for our last two days, so we did an INSANE amount of outlet shopping in Charleston. (I got free Reeboks!!) We also conveniently had an excuse to go see "The Dark Knight" on it's opening day!

#1: That theater in Mt. Pleasant ROCKS!! Big comfy sets, fold-up armrests, and staggered seating so that even short people like me can see over the Giant that alway sits down in front of you!

#2: GREAT movie. I won't spoil it for anyone, but I thought it was really good. Four stars :-) (Although a tad too long at two and a half hours)

Saturday we finally headed home, and the closer we got, the more Middle Son was anxious to see Furball, the hamster. I just had a bad feeling that one of the adults should peek at him first, you know, just in case.

Didn't happen.

Aaron beat us donstairs, only to come running back up with tears streaming minutes later. Furball was gone. We found evidence that he had been out and about, and fairly recently by the looks of the tiny wet footprints we found next to the dessicant in the basement.

Unfortunately, we didn't make it home in time to save the poor little bugger. He found his way into my bathroom looking for water, and that's all I'll say about that. Thank Heaven Aaron didn't find him. We didn't tell him, for his benefit (I know that doesn't sound right, but hear me out).

We had to have our very sick 16 year old dog put down last Halloween, and the poor little guy is still grieving that dog. He still visits her grave in the back yard, and even shows it to visitors. Even still two weeks ago. We told him that the hamster probably got outside, and was living in the woods. Maybe hanging out with the squirrels. He's still sad about Furball being gone, but he's much more accepting of it this way. We couldn't decide if we should tell him the truth or not, but, although not completely honest, I think we made the best decision. It just would have been a lot of grief for one very tender-hearted little boy.

What do you think? If it were your kids, would you tell them that another pet had died?

So, aside from the very end, our week at Isle of Palms was a good one. Now, when is my next vacation??? :-)

Have a great tax-free weekend everybody!!


  1. I would have done the same thing. No question. We won't be able to protect them from all life's hurts, so I think we should when we can.

  2. My son Travis (6) was curious last week as to whether his pet Betta fish would make good "fish bait". We've put a cat down with no major encounter, lost another Betta, and I think he's okay with losing pets. However, Boomer the Yellow Lab is fast becoming his best friend, and I'm sure that one will carry more impact in 10 or so years...


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